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Triobike is a Danish cargo bike manufacturer established in 2004 in Copenhagen, one of the most bike-friendly and sustainable cities in the world.

During its life, Triobike has developed a very complete range of cargo bikes: two two-wheeled bikes (cargo and cargo big) and three three-wheeled (mono, boxter and taxi). The product range covers different targets: singles, families, small and medium businesses, institutions. Triobike focus on three things: safety, quality & style.

A Triobike isn’t simply a mobility solution, it’s a lifestyle: Triobike is a way of looking at the world where you choose to be free and out-going. You choose to be open to life. Triobike lets you go where cars can not – through green parks and down charming side-streets, breathing healthy air with happy kids. Journeys become adventures, loads become lighter and days become brighter. You go where you want and you do it with a smile. We want to inspire everyone to greet each day with optimism and move through life with ease. This is what we call the trio way.


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