We are pleased to assist your decision which is most suited to your desire.



  • Cargo bike
  • Touring bike
  • Folding bike


  • A Sturdy Basic Caravan that you can make your own caravan by yourself



Modern lifestyle isn't cool as it sounds, does it?

Hard to find a parking spot, stress after stress, every movement is expenses for the sake of "convenience" which never comfort us. Isn't it ironic that we pay to use mobility service and we are polluting our environment? Why do we pay to make our environment worse..? If we may have to pay, shouldn't we pay to improve our environment?

We JUNG CYCLES started this business idea with inner anxiety to live minimally, sustainably and human-friendly. We want to live in an environment that improves the quality of life for everyone, for its residents and companies. We are far too wasteful today with the extremely instant conveniences that are poison to our nature that we should pass down to our next generations. With a vast amount of research, insights and hands-on experiences, we are more than happy to share our output.

- Managing Director, Woojae Jung