Supernova - M99 PRO

The strongest beast in the traffic jungle

The M99 PRO has a brilliant 1600-lumen automotive-certified high beam as well as an ECE compliant low beam with 1100-lumen brightness. The ECE compliant automotive daytime running light enhances safety in traffic by providing recognition as an equal road user. The electronics can communicate with modern e-bikes via automotive CAN or CANopen. Even without software communication, the integrated sensors control the light intelligently so that it functions on all popular e-bike systems.

Delivered within 5-7 days

Low beam: 1100 lm, 310 lx

Wattage low beam: 16 W

High beam: 1600 lm, 380 lx

Wattage high beam/td>: 27 W

Daytime running light: 32 Power LEDs

Wattage: 4.5 W

Input voltage: 24 V – 60 V DC (75 V max.)

Communication: CAN, CANopen

Signal processing: High beam, horn, brake

Approvals: L-class e.g. L1e

Illuminant: 9 automotive LEDs

L x W x H: 67 x 87 x 57.5 mm

Weight: 220 g

Colour: Polished black

Warranty: 3 years

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